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Avengers 2: Age of Ultron

By: bhakragani - Friday, October 24, 2014

How To Prioritise Your Tasks for additional Results

Productivity will be a challenge for anyone, and one in all the keys to productivity is preparation. one in all the best varieties of prep-work before a busy day is to develop a hurly burly list, however there are a number of tricks to the creation of a task list. Your goal is to possess a list that basically works for you.

Create and Analyze Your hurly burly List

The best approach to forming your hurly burly list is to arrange it as a primary draft. During this approach, don't limit yourself initially; simply get all of your needs on the list. When your list is finished, it'll be time for the edit. During this stage, you eliminate the things that are superfluous, that ought to embrace unproductive things or things that are to be completed by some other person.

Once your list has been pared down, it's time to prioritise things within your list. The most effective approach here is to work out the foremost pressing and necessary problems you have got on your list and move them to the highest. You will additionally realize that you just have some pressing matters that aren't essentially necessary. They'll be moved down on the list. Necessary things that are in no hurry ought to get on your list furthermore, however they'll occupy a lower position on your list.

What Is First?

Once you have got known those pressing, necessary matters at the highest of your list, it's time to specialise in those things. Arrange your day around accomplishing simply those things to begin. You will realize that the list is brief, and includes solely a number of things thus your next step is to assign the time you'll pay on every item. In apply, you'll realize that you just ne'er assign enough time, thus move and double no matter time you allowed for the task. If you end early your sense of accomplishment can soar, and you may land up with some free time at the top of the day!

Get to Work!

Your next step is to begin ticking those things off your list. it's vital to remain concentrate at this stage, and continue task. Don't enable the things that are lower on your list to interrupt or distract you. If one in all those things that you just dropped off your list earlier peeks its very little head into the area, you'll ought to ignore that with extreme prejudice and hold the road.

Productivity is relative to the expectations we have a tendency to place on ourselves. keep realistic, keep concentrated, and use a task list that works for you.

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How To Prioritise Your Tasks for additional Results

By: bhakragani - Saturday, October 18, 2014

3 Common Pitfalls Beginners create With internet promoting

Each day, many folks turn to internet because the prospective way to begin their businesses. They need potential heard from their families, friends or the other sources that this can be a good way of creating cash. Whether or not it's from commercialism stuff on eBay, Blogging or the other completely different plan, all of them have one thing in common – they're all seemingly to form some pricey net marketing mistakes.

These mistakes are therefore common that nearly each marketer has created them at one purpose in their marketing carrier. Luckily, you'll learn the way dot to commit these mistakes and conjointly learn from those that came before you. This might facilitate your business grow lots and offers you the spirit to continue with it. These mistakes include:

1. They treat internet promoting as a hobby instead of a business

Most beginners are available in with the intention of testing the waters instead of visualizing it to be a website. on-line promoting is a business and not a hobby.

You should make sure you are taking everything you are doing seriously. pay it slow doing all your work. If you treat it as a hobby, like most beginners do, there's a high probability you'll fail. It takes time, dedication and devotion to form a triple-crown business. The one one who will create your business succeed is you.

2. They have a tendency to own surreal goals and that they work alone towards achieving them

Driven envy and sold out dreams, the typical internet marketing beginner develops a crazy belief that hey are ready to create lots of money within a ludicrously short amount of your time. This typically demotivates them just in case they fail to realize these absurd objectives.

Set possible objectives and apprehend the items that are needed in your business and people that aren't. there's no means for one person to try to to fully everything, therefore don’t strive it. Apprehend your limits. for instance, if you're not a good author, contract somebody else to do the writing for you and specialize in the things you're sensible at therefore as to expeditiously run your business. a good range of people try doing everything themselves hence obtaining tired, pissed off and eventually surrender.

3. They don’t hire mentors

Most internet marketing beginners don’t have enough information concerning the business hence the requirement for a mentor. internet marketing would force you to urge to know lots of recent materials. You'll got to learn the way to understand your markets, the target audience; benefits of assorted traffic techniques, web site management and the other factor which will assist you run your business effectively. Obviously, you will would like a mentor for this.

By knowing the common mistakes created by beginner on-line marketers and the way you'll avoid them, you'll actually become a triple-crown on-line business owner.

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3 Common Pitfalls Beginners create With internet promoting

By: bhakragani - Friday, October 17, 2014

How To Eliminate Time-Wasting Tasks

In order to completely eliminate bad time management habits and stop wasting precious time today, consider developing a routine that will help you avoid wasting time. Things that we feel like reacting to such as: phone calls, emails, news stories, text, etc. are known as urgent tasks. According to Brett McKay, "Important tasks contribute to our long-term mission, values, and goals." Understanding all the basics of time management is a very valuable lesson because they can be incorporated in all aspects of your life. Below are some remedies to set you on the path to productivity.

1) Avoid Multitasking
For a lot of us, multitasking is a way to keep up with the flow and feel like we are not getting left behind. But only 2 percent of the population can multitask successfully. It actually reduces our ability to focus, lowers the quality of our work, and can actually cost us time. It is very important to stop multitasking as soon as you realize you are doing it. Instead, try to minimize and manage interruptions, and work on improving concentration by scheduling your day into blocks of time.

2) Put an End to Silent Procrastination
If you procrastinate a lot, then you must understand the pains and stress that comes with putting things off. Procrastination is always easy to spot, especially when you are scrolling Facebook, playing solitaire, or gazing out the office window. Though it might seem like an innocent waste of time, this can lead to stress due to missing a very important deadline or inability to complete simple tasks. To overcome this, create task reminders by making use of your day planner. If your work requires the use of computer, then make sure you avoid time-wasting websites so you are not tempted.

3) Learn to Say No
If you have already planned your schedules, you are working as effectively as you possibly can on important tasks and you have found ways of dealing with things that distract you a lot, but you still don't have enough time? Probably you are trying to do too much. You need to learn to say no. You can't always take care of everyone else. But you can still care and say "No" and look for another way to help without sacrificing your own success. You want to slow down and remain focused on the biggest pay-off activities that'll give you the best results in a time frame you prefer, personally and professionally.

4) Continue With What Works for You
If your morning ritual is to "warm up" first and ease into each day by grabbing a cup of coffee, answering email and checking in on Facebook, then that may be what you need to do to start your day. Activities that eat up your time can only be referred to as problems if they continue to get in the way of getting things done. However, you have to be honest with yourself about how much time that is being spent on such activities and whether it is really a time waster or a tool.

5) Do the Most Difficult things at Your Peak Time
It is always better to handle or tackle the most difficult tasks whenever you are at your peak performance as this will help you schedule your day properly. You don't want to make important decisions when you are not efficient or energetic. If you perform best whenever you are awake first thing in the morning, then tackle those jobs first. Avoid using your peak performance time for easy assignments or for socializing and playing.

In conclusion, being organized and productive in the areas that are very important to you will be rewarding. As discussed above, avoid procrastination, do not multitask, work on your more difficult tasks whenever you are most alert and learn to say no - because most of our time wasters come from a courage problem and not a time problem. Hope this helps. Wish you the best in your efforts to eliminate time-wasting tasks.

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How To Eliminate Time-Wasting Tasks

By: bhakragani - Thursday, October 16, 2014

How To Cut Distractions So You Can Focus More

If you want to boost your productivity, you should learn how to concentrate and avoid distractions. Distractions may not seem harmful at first, but in the end they really affect the quality of the work you are doing and if you are studying you may end up not learning anything.

How To Cut Distractions So You Can Focus More

1. Structure Your Environment   
The place where you work or study can have a great impact on your ability to concentrate. Try to locate yourself away from any potential distractions such as windows, doors or phones. You should also ensure that your study or work space is free of clutter. If you are working online close all the other browsers on your computer apart from the one you are working on.

2. Clarify Your Objectives
By setting clear objectives of what you hope to accomplish, you will be able to concentrate more. If you are not sure of what the end result will be, the uncertainty will make it impossible to focus and you will easily be distracted.

3. Take Regular Breaks
Ensure that you take regular breaks. Regular breaks can help improve your alertness and concentration levels. Long studying or working hours not only affect your performance and mental capacity but your physical health too. Taking regular breaks when studying or working is also good for your physical health, such as your preventing tense muscles and eye health.

4. Routine
Set yourself a time frame within which you will study or work and stick to it. You should set a clear starting time and finishing time. If you need time for fitness classes, dog walks, school hours, cleaning your house that is fine, but include them in your daily routine before they become distractions.

5. Divide Big Tasks
Big tasks usually do not have any clear starting or ending point and as result they destroy focus. If you are working on a large project that requires a lot of work, clearly identify the steps that you will have go through to finish the project. If the sequence of actions is not obvious, it will be hard to focus.

6. Keep Refreshments Handy
Thirst and hunger can be major distractions while you are working or studying. Have plenty of healthy snacks (such as a fruit, cheese, healthy snack bar or peanut butter) and water and near your study or work space so that you can stay energized and hydrated without being distracted.

7. Communicate
Tell the members of your family (if you working or studying at home) or your workmates (if you are working in an office) that you will be busy and they should save any interruptions or questions until you are finished. You can also put a note on your door asking not to be disturbed.

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How To Cut Distractions So You Can Focus More

By: bhakragani -
Ambersweet oranges, a new cold-resistant orang...
Ambersweet oranges, a new cold-resistant orange variety. USDA photo. Image Number K3644-12. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)
Here's why orange juice before your morning run may be beneficial.
Vitamin C is required for the proper development and function of many parts of the body. It also plays an important role in maintaining proper immune function. But did you know that it may also be beneficial for helping to improve physical activity levels?

Vitamin C has been studied for many years. It participates in numerous biochemical reactions, suggesting that vitamin C is important for every body process from bone formation to scar tissue repair. We probably know it best as an immune-system booster, found in over-the-counter cold prevention products. In fact, the vitamin is associated with helping to shorten cold duration and severity in those that are deficient.

But how does the vitamin help with exercise? In a recent study, researchers found that men supplemented with the vitamin increased their physical activity levels by almost 40%. The study first focused on cold symptoms, so perhaps shortening the length of upper respiratory infection symptoms simply helped the men get back on their feet again.

Other research suggests that vitamin C play other important roles as well. Vitamin C may also help those that suffer from exercise-induced asthma. It is estimated that 10% of people are affected by this condition in which short term physical stress leads to coughing, wheezing and shortness of breath. Oral vitamin C may reduce bronchoconstriction caused by exercise by nearly 50%.

Interestingly, blood and plasma levels of vitamin C are diminished in those who exercise, indicating a need for improved intake. While the current Dietary Reference Intakes for vitamin C have been established at 90 mg for men and 75 mg for women, it is suggested that athletes aim for at least 100 mg per day. Some studies suggest that more elite athletes take up to 300 mg/day.

With Vitamin C, though, keep in mind that more is not always better. Doses greater than 1500 milligrams oversaturate the body pool and are excreted in the urine. It is much better to take multiple small doses during the day rather than one large dose. Dietitians often recommend 500 mg twice daily as an adequate amount for repletion of depleted stores.

Most experts recommend getting vitamin C from a diet high in fruits and vegetables (especially citrus fruits) rather than taking supplements. Fresh-squeezed orange juice or fresh-frozen concentrate is a better choice than ready-to-drink orange juice as the fresh juice contains more active vitamin C. Other fruits and vegetables rich in vitamin c include Papaya, Bell Peppers, broccoli, Brussels sprouts, Strawberries, Pineapple, Kiwifruit, Cantaloupe, and Cauliflower.

Johnston CS1, Barkyoumb GM2, Schumacher SS3. Vitamin C supplementation slightly improves physical activity levels and reduces cold incidence in men with marginal vitamin C status: a randomized controlled trial. Nutrients. 2014 Jul 9;6(7):2572-83. doi: 10.3390/nu6072572.
ExRx: Nutrition – Vitamin C
The World’s Healthiest Foods – Vitamin C


Vitamin C May Help Improve Physical Activity Levels

By: bhakragani - Tuesday, September 30, 2014

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