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Saturday, August 30, 2014

How to Peacefully Talk About Money In Your Relationship and Marriage

bhakragani - Saturday, August 30, 2014

Author: Leslie Cunningham

My husband and I sat down a few nights ago to talk about money. We've come to call these money meetings with each other Financial Dates®.
We started having our Dates about 7 years ago, shortly after we married. Our initial motivation was simply to get rid of our debt (we had acquired over $40,000 of debt over a three year period).
After paying off our debt we stayed committed to having our Financial Dates® in our relationship, because both of us had launched new businesses and as solo entrepreneurs we were frequently stressed out about not having enough money coming in each month to pay our bills.

Because of our commitment to showing up and consistently talking about money with each other our businesses rapidly stabilized over an incredibly short period of time. Next we tackled our goal of building up 6-months of emergency savings and funding our retirement accounts.
We realized that there is really no end to the creativity you can put in to having Financial Dates®, and the vast amount of rewards that come as a result.
In all honesty, however, I have to say that over the last year we have not been as consistent with having our Dates as we were during the first 5 years. It's interesting how stress, anxiety and a sense of impending doom was an incredible motivator to taking action and showing up for them.
Thankfully our debt is a thing of the past. And because it is, we are being given the opportunity to create a new context for inspiration for having our Financial Dates®.

Both of us were tired the other night and not very motivated to have our Date even though we had planned appropriately for it, having put a frozen pizza in the oven so we wouldn't have to spend any extra time cooking.
But after putting our 18-month old son to bed – who happened to be teething, and you Mom's and Dad's understand what THAT means! … the challenge of keeping our commitment arose.

I walked downstairs and flopped down on the coach. My husband looked at me, "Let's not have our Date tonight honey – I'm too tired!" He said. "Me too," I agreed. "But let's go ahead and make it happen, it's been months since we had one.
And if we don't do it now, when will we? We'll probably be tired at night for the next several years, so we might as well just do it!".
So we pressed onward, and I am incredibly thankful that we did! We got so much accomplished. We reached some clear decisions about our work schedule's, our son's nanny care and we had a great conversation about significantly increasing income in our businesses.

When we finished our Financial Date® my husband turned to me and said, "That was an awesome Date – I'm so glad we persevered!" We went to bed that night and cuddled up with each other feeling a sense of renewed connection, accomplishment and a deep satisfaction of working together as a team.
I feel incredibly grateful for our Financial Dates® and the deep sense of financial peace, money collaboration and conscious partnership it has brought to our marriage and relationship.

What's it like for you when you talk about money with your spouse? Do you have a lot of tension and stress or have you found a way to get on the same financial page with each other? I'd love to hear about YOUR experiences! Click here to take a few quick seconds and share your thoughts! I'd love to hear from you! Your comments give readers invaluable inspiration and support. Not only that but your posts let me know that these articles are making a difference.
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Sunday, August 24, 2014

Two Time-Saving Methods to Handle Your Email Inbox

bhakragani - Sunday, August 24, 2014
Icon of the open-source mail client Correo
Icon of the open-source mail client Correo (Photo credit: Wikipedia)
As your business starts to build, responding to email inquiries can become a problem. There are just so many of them! You might think this is a good thing, and to an extent it is because emails are part of client attraction. But you need to learn how to efficiently handle, sort, and respond to numerous emails.

Now, some emails are inquiries from prospects who are seriously interested in working with you. Others are tire kickers or are asking for free advice. At some point, you won't have time to answer them all on your own. Remember, there are only two types of activity you want to spend your time on when building your business:

1. Working with clients and providing your service

2. Marketing your service to fill your pipeline and get clients

This is why answering emails can be an incredible time drain. I experienced the problem myself as my business started to take off. After a while, I figured out that I needed to maintain strong boundaries to guard against situations that can take up loads of time, but don't fall under the two essential categories above.

Here's what I did to handle email inquiries, which can work for you too:

1. Stop answering emails to your personal address. This is a very big first step and a powerful one, although I'll admit it's not an easy step to take. I had to let go of answering all emails that came into my business email account.

I passed this task along to my virtual assistant so she could sort through them and forward the ones requiring my attention. The others she responded to herself. We worked out a system so she knew how I wanted different questions answered. This eliminated a ton of busy work for me and freed me to focus on more marketing and money-making activities.

2. Stop giving away free advice. Establishing boundaries is not only a smart business practice, but a valuable skill for life in general. If you let them, people will take advantage of you - not necessarily because they mean any harm. People are curious, have a genuine need and or don't necessarily realize the impact of a request.

When requests for free advice got to be overwhelming, I came up with a response that educated people about their interactions with me. You can say, The answer to your question depends on many variables. It's not a one-size-fits-all kind of answer. If you are interested in working with me, I would be happy to explore that with you, create a strategy and help you determine which method could work best for you.

A lot of the people who email will not be ready to work with you, which is to be expected. Some people will be upset with you. Just state your boundaries in a yummy way that is warm and positive, but firm, to safeguard your time available for client attraction.

Your Assignment:

Which emails tend to waste your time? Figure out your standard answer and save it as a word document. You can even cut and paste your response if you aren't ready yet to hand your email off to a VA.

Fabienne Fredrickson, The Client Attraction Mentor, is founder of the Client Attraction System, the proven step-by-step program that shows you exactly how to attract more clients, in record time... guaranteed. To get your F.R.E.E. Audio CD by mail and receive her weekly marketing & success mindset articles on attracting more high-paying clients and dramatically increasing your income, visit

Tuesday, July 29, 2014

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